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Review: Growing Up Beside You by LaLainaJ

Summary: AH-AU. Caroline is his little sister’s best friend. At nine, she pesters him endlessly. At fifteen, she makes him feel like a dirty old man. When she’s twenty-one, they have an unfortunate incident involving mistletoe and months later they meet again. By the time she’s twenty-seven, he’s convinced that...

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Pic of the Day: 31 July 2015

It’s like the train all over again, huh? || Such a perfect poem chosen for klaroline, it’s so beautiful! We all know Klaus has done some horrible things, but we’re also well aware of how much he fancies our dearest Caroline. Do you think he could ever be with her...

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Bloggers Interviews with milla579

For today’s interview, we got a chance to chat to Milla aka @milla579, a very active and passionate shipper. Milla tells us her opinion on all things Klaroline and about her amazing project to put the spotlight on our awesome fandom and what you can do to help!

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Pic of the Day: 23 July 2015

Perhaps one day, in a year, or even in a century you’ll turn up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer. Well, if the world is as beautiful as this drawing then book me the next flight with Klaus–pronto! Sara nearly outdid herself...

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Pic of the Day: 22 July 2015

Perhaps one day, in a year, or even in a century you’ll turn up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer. Well, if the world is as beautiful as this drawing then book me the next flight with Klaus–pronto! Sara nearly outdid herself...

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Video of the Week: Latch by xClaraProdz

Hello, lovely fandom! In the midst of Klaroline Awards, media mentions and continuous fanfiction updates, I feel like I’ve been living in a Klaroline paradise lately, and I have to say that it’s a very fine place to be, especially with all the canon withdrawals that we’ve been experiencing.

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Pic of the Day: 21 July 2015

For who could ever learn to love a beast? // “I’ve caught myself wishing that I could forget all the horrible things that you’ve done.” “But you can’t. Can you?” Ah! one of my favorite Klaroline parallels is here! A stunning Disney inspired piece the brilliant Ogo over on DeviantArt.

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Pic of the Day: 20 July 2015

Klaroline Rewatch Week may be over now, but it was definitely a success, and the Magazine isn’t done featuring the wonderful work made in light of the week yet!  The last day was a free for all, and Audrey sure went all out with the most swoon-worthy glances shared between...

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Pic of the Day: 19 July 2015

Favorite Happy Moments? That would be Klaroline Rewatch Week’s Day 6 and man, was it a great day to be a klaroliner!! So many beautiful moments of our favorite pair being happy with each other–oh, the feels! Paula chose a wonderful moment for this beautiful gif set, don’t you agree?...

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Review: Champagne Showers by queenofklaroline

Summary – Klaus & Caroline are finally engaged, but they aren’t the ones who are most excited. Meet Mikael Mikaelson; self promoted wedding planner to his newly engaged son & biggest Klaus and Caroline groupie. Taking it upon himself to plan the best wedding ever for his son & soon...

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Pic of the Day: 18 July 2015

Klaroline Rewatch Week’s Fifth Day was dedicated to our favorite married moments, and boy do we have a good’n here! A simply beautiful gifset for today’s POTD. Don’t forget to participate in Klaroline Rewatch Week this week for a chance to be featured in the Magazine!!

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Pic of the Day: 17 July 2015

Day four of Klaroline Rewatch Week was Favorite Playful/Sassy Moment(s) and did Cassie ever do that well! She compiled some of the best, brightest, and downright sassiest moments from our favorite pair in this beautiful gif set; I just adore it, don’t you?  Don’t forget to participate in Klaroline Rewatch...

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Pic of the Day: 16 July 2015

This gif set was made for Day 3 of Klaroline Rewatch Week: Favorite Scene!! And honestly, which klaroliner doesn’t just die at this scene, especially when it’s so wonderfully placed in gifs as it is here?  Don’t forget to participate in Klaroline Rewatch Week this week for a chance to...

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Pic of the Day: 15 July 2015

More beautiful submissions for the wonderful Klaroline Rewatch Week!! This gifset was made for Day Two: Favorite Quote; I may be a bit biased because this is one of my favorite klaroline quotes as well, but the graphic is just beautiful by itself, as you can see. Be sure to...

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Pic of the Day: 14 July 2015

Klaroline Rewatch Week is in session and we here at the Klaroline Magazine are just loving it!! This graphic was made for Day One: Favorite Episode, and may we add how stunning it is? Be sure to participate in Klaroline Rewatch Week for a chance to be featured in the...

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Top 5 Video Songs of July

The thing that I love the most about good, badass songs, it’s how confident they make you feel whenever you listen to them. Whether if it’s on your own or with your friends, or simply while you’re walking down the street, they just allow you to have a completely different...

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Review: Forgotten Mistake by Moultipass1

Summary – She’s all fire and passion. He’s all control and patience. And they’re both equally demanding. The mix could be either disastrous or heavenly. He definitely knows what he’d put his money on, especially after that kiss. Rating – M Link – https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8916589/1/Forgotten-Mistake

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Pic of the Day: 08 July 2015

Maybe she did that for her. Sure, she went to talk to Klaus at the bar in her most revealing tank because of Elena, to salvage whatever epic love she believed Stefan and her best friend were destined to have, but maybe she accepted the drink and sat down for...

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Top 3 Caroline to NOLA Videos of July

Even if the writers are too proud and stubborn to see that, there’s a million ways Caroline could be introduced on The Originals. One of the many fan favorite storylines – that we often find in fanfictions as well – is that she could be brought in by Marcel… and,...

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Bloggers Interview with cutiepieforbes

In today’s interview we got a chance to chat to Giulia, aka cutiepieforbes, who is not only our Video Team’s manager and Best of TVD Twitter Compiler but a  maverick in the fandom known for her fanfiction, gifs, videos, all around extreme fangirling and obsessing over things like the way...

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Review: I Choose You by outofchampagne

Summary – Inspired by the song “I Choose You” by Timeflies. This drabble tells the story of Klaus and Caroline and their complicated relationship. He has messed up countless times and when she thinks the two are finally done and over with, he finds his way back to her because...

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Blog of the Week: klausyline

This blog is run by Winnie, who is 20 years old and from Ontario, Canada. She is currently in university studying finance and accounting. Winnie spends most of her time binge watching everything from Game of thrones, Arrow, the 100, Orphan Black, Daredevil and of course TVD just so she...

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The Klaroline Awards are back

Awards season in the Klaroline fandom is among us yet again! Our fandom takes events seriously, and the annual Klaroline Awards is no different. We’ve survived a very tough year of uphill battles, and it’s time we take a step back and show some love and appreciation to those we...

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May 2015 AU Winner of the Month: Mates

The results are in and your May AU of the Month winner is Klaroline as Mates! Whether it’s canon hybrid Klaus finding his destined one in vampire Caroline or both of them as werewolves, or even some other combination entirely, this type of story intrigues us. And you know there...

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Pic of the Day: 26 June 2015

It doesn’t matter how you tell the story, it doesn’t matter how much he loved her or how much she wanted him to stay or how much a sequel is due, he promised to never look back and somehow it is over even though it feels so unfinished. It feels...

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Pic of the Day: 25 June 2015

If Klaus is anything, he’s curious. Intrigued. He wants to know how a little blonde baby vampire managed to capture his attention; he wants to know her hopes, her dreams, everything she wants in life; he wants to know how to love her, and by God he wants to be...

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Pic of the Day: 23 June 2015

The man who’s never loved a thing, who finds love a weakness fell hard for the only woman in the world who didn’t believe she deserved it, who wouldn’t let herself believe it, who would resist him at every turn not because she did not want it, but because she...

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Twitter Interview with @eriberry89

  The blogs team got the chance to chat with Erika – more commonly known as @eriberry89 and, who also, runs our very own @klarolinemag account on Twitter. Erika is a passionate, avid Klaroline shipper, who may also be slightly smut crazed and definitely has a talent for trolling, shading...

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Top 25 Klaroline + Kids Fics

  For those of you who just can’t resist the thought of our favourite pairing taking care of a child/children together, we present to you 25 fanfics that provide, in one way or another, just that.

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Pic of the Day: 19 June 2015

The dynamic of Klaroline is one of the most interesting pairings I’ve ever seen. While they have the capacity to be passionate, serious, lustful, they have the same capacity to be light, heavy, and dark. And oh, when they’re dark, they could have so much fun together.

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Review: Body Knows Best by heystrippah

Summary: Klaus Mikaelson is a Wall Street highflier and an unapologetic hedonist. Caroline Forbes is a personal assistant with zero patience for his type. But when he accidentally costs Caroline her job, he offers her a solution. Work for him instead. Status: In-progress Rating: M Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8550311/1/Body-Knows-Best

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Top 5 Klaroline Videos to Start the Summer off With

  Today, we give you five videos that showcase Klaus and Caroline in their greatest moments for you to kick the Summer off with! From a beautifully edited video, through sexy Klaroline, humorous Klaroline and power-couple!Klaroline, to a newer video that can remind everyone that, even after all this time,...

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Pic of the Day: 13 June 2015

He didn’t let Tyler go because he found the mercy in his soul that she beckoned for. She didn’t just not here about his new life in New Orleans. They care about each other, so much that he was willing to walk away forever if she could just give him...

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Pic of the Day: 11 June 2015

However long it takes, an open ended offer where she makes the first move. To her, forever is 60 years with someone; she still imagines weddings and babies and growing old with someone who could never know you as deeply as you crave. He knows how long forever is, for...

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Bloggers Interview with otwt09kxc

In today’s interview, we got the chance to chat to Olivia, aka otwt09kxc, who is a delightfully positive shipper who tells about how Klaroline became her first otp, their similarity to Olicity and gives some amazing advice to other shippers. Let’s read what she has to say:

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Top 5 Video Songs of June

If there is one thing that nobody can take away from us, it’s the fact that Klaroline is timeless. Both characters are meant to live forever, and Klaus has promised Caroline many times that he’d wait for her to be ready to embrace her true nature and the depth of...

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Blog of the Week: mydreamklaroline

This blog is run by Diana who just turned 18. She comes from Spain and is currently enjoying summer. How she came up with her url is a pretty sweet story. One night she was dreaming about Klaroline, hoping that one day they will be together and that is how...

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Pic of the Day: 07 June 2015

On his lips she did not taste hatred or bitterness or any of the many flavors of evil; his hands did not feel like they were stained with blood or that they were objects of destruction as they caressed her skin, his scent was not that of death and despair...

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Review: Deceit by klaraholic

Summary – Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes were best friends growing up, but things changed when he moved away. Now she’s a hardworking FBI agent and he’s the most notorious serial killer. AU/AH. Rated M for future chapters. Rating – M Status: In progress Link – https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9964965/1/Deceit

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Pic of the Day: 06 June 2015

Whether you ship them or not, it’s undeniable that Klaus helped shape Caroline’s character. He taught her to value herself, to believe in herself, to embrace who she is. He showed her that not everyone is as horrible as they seem, and no one is as shallow as a kiddy...

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Bloggers Interview with ssklaroline

In today’s interview we get a chance to chat to Lauren aka ssklaroline, who is part of the Klaroline Magazine team as a TO Recapper. In this interview we chat to her about the hefty task of recapping the series, being one of the Klaroliners who enjoy TO, her immense...

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Review: Loopholes by mscyanide

Summary: The vampire diaries following on from the season four final. The story doesn’t follow all the events in The Originals. Mostly focusing on Klaus and Caroline. Pairings: Klaroline / Delena / Kennett / Steroline (friendship). AU but as much to canon as it can be. Rated M for language...

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Pic of the Day: 04 June 2015

And I could let you, die, if that’s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning. I thought about it myself once or twice over the centuries, truth be told. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, there’s a whole world out there waiting...

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Pic of the Day: 03 June 2015

He may have left, but that’s because she was not ready. He had to give her something to remember him by, even if she tried to cheapen it and make it worthless, she would always carry it with her because she was there and she could feel the love exuding...

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Top 3 Angsty Videos of June

It’s officially Klaroline week, where we come together as a fandom and celebrate our favorite pairing – so, as one of my favorite Christmas songs says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or it feels that way to me, at least.

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Pic of the Day: 01 June 2015

This scene is so important. She’s become the monster she’s been running from and instead of comforting her, instead of telling her she’s good and lovely and wonderful he bites back. She fought against him before, criticizing him, rejecting him, for being the type of person she just was and...

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Pic of the Day: 30 May 2015

  As much as she intrigues him, he intrigues her. She doesn’t understand him in the slightest, but she’s the only one willing to learn. She’s willing to test his limits, see how far she can push him and which way he’ll break when she does. She’s learned just what...

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Twitter Interview with @cadetbellamy

The blogs team got the chance to chat with Taylor – an avid passionate Klaroline shipper, who is known as @cadetbellamy on Twitter. Taylor is known for her infectious fangirling and long in-depth discussions on ships, characters ect and she’s just such a lovely person to chat to – check...

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Review: Deal Of A Lifetime by Anya-Paradox

Summary: Caroline starts up a summer fling at sixteen after making a deal with a stranger. She starts something else at eighteen after making a deal with Niklaus Mikaelson. Status: Complete Rating: M Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10991891/1/Deal-of-a-Lifetime

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Pic of the Day: 27 May 2015

Perhaps it’s not that she would have loved the 20’s, perhaps it’s some twisted reality that he lives in that if he just had more time with her, if she met him at a different time in a different place with a different mindset she’d let him love her like...

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Top 5 New Klaroline Videos of May

  Hello, lovely fandom! With a new Klaroline Appreciation Week right around the corner, it seems more than appropriate to add in a little more fun with this list of new Klaroline videos brought to you by some incredibly talented individuals! I love that imagination doesn’t seem to run dry...

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Blog of the week: queenvampirebarbie

The blog is run by Cassie, who is currently still 19 but is going to be turning 20 soon. Her url basically represents Caroline. Damon calls her ‘vampirebarbie’ and Cassie has always liked that nickname because it’s cute and no one else on TVD had a nickname used a lot...

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Pic of the Day: 25 May 2015

“How did you get here so fast?” He almost laughed at her, admittedly. He’d never in the whole of his existence met anyone so beautiful yet so ignorant of the hold she had on others. Instead, he smiled, the one that always made her smile back, even if it was...

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Pic of the Day: 24 May 2015

He liked that she was too good for him, that she was too good to fall for his games. He was 1,000 years old, and for the first time in a long time, he’d have to work for something he really wanted. But then again, he’s always loved a good...

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Review: The Hybrid by klovec

  Summary- A kingdom and eternity would mean nothing if he didn’t have her so Klaus would defy nature in every way to get her back. Nature’s not the type to take defiance lightly so she lets him have what he wants…just on her terms… Rating – M Link –...

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Top Klaroline Tweets: 04 – 19 May 2015

Wow. What a week it’s been for the Klaroline fandom. After months of frustration with lack of Klaroline, shippers finally got a chance to blow off some steam when the #AskCW hashtag emerged. I’ve always said, nothing unites The Vampire Diaries fandom more than the opportunity to troll the CW...

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Pic of the Day: 18 May 2015

Does it ever give you goosebumps to think that this may have very well been the moment that did him in? That allowed him to really confess to her, “I fancy you.” That gave him the lack of doubt when he offered to take her anywhere, anywhere at all, as...

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Top 10 Video Songs of May

  While watching The Vampire Diaries, we have witnessed Klaus and Caroline’s journey and all that they have been through. Their scenes together and their emotions were clear to us, even if at times they weren’t clear to themselves. The songs we have for you today include many things that...

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Top 25 Klaroline First Kisses

  This may be one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make as every Klaroline kiss is pretty much perfect. Having to narrow down a decision to a top 25 was hard enough and actually ranking them was near impossible. I’m sure I didn’t really do any...

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Review: The Constant by safewithklaroline

Summary – “From the immaculate clothing, to the dimples, to the amused lilt of his accent; he was everything that she remembered him to be. He was an undeniable presence in her life…He was her constant.” It’s been forty-six years, and finally Caroline has shown up at his door. Smut...

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Bloggers Interview with eriberry89

  In today’s interview we had a chat with our Twitter Manager Erika, who’s also known as eriberry89 on tumblr. Erika chats about why she’s so damn in love with 3×14, her in depth opinion of why Steroline and Klamille just are not right, why she loves being on the...

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Pic of the Day: 13 May 2015

One of the things I’m dying to see if there is a crossover, is for Klaus to actually confront Caroline. For him to be wooing her, making her laugh, making her comfortable, only for her to catch herself and pull back, and for him to just ask, “Why?” Why does...

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Top 5 4×23 Klaroline Videos

  We’re finally entering the week of season finales, after over a whole year of no Klaroline scenes. Little does it matter, however, when we all know that nothing is ever going to be able to top the season four finale of The Vampire Diaries, the one that has already...

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Bloggers Interview with asentimentaljourney

  In today’s interview we got a chance to chat with Kelci aka asentimentaljourney about what got her shipping Klaroline, that time she dressed up in replica of Caroline’s blue dress for a TVD convention and how Klaroline reminds her of Captain Swan and Bethyl. Read what she had to...

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Pic of the Day: 08 May 2015

  The second she locks eyes with his, he recoils. He was so caught up in her, he didn’t notice she’d caught him in the act until it was too late. She caught him off guard, with her beauty or her timing, we’ll never know, but she did prove to...

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Video of the Week: Demons by Sarah Hlobil

  Season finales and summer are almost upon us, so it’s time to rejoice and cross our fingers for the fates of all our beloved characters. And, if you feel so inclined, you can do what I’m doing and pray that these will be the last seasons of The Vampire...

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Top 10 Tweets from The Originals 2×21

We could say it was a “controversial” episode, since it generated expectations about whether Klaus would be the same as everyone met at TVD or not; and in my opinion he was or at least is the closest thing he has been besides episode 1×08, but I also see an...

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Top 10 Historical/Period Fanfics

Your votes have been tallied and the winner of the March 2015 AU of the Month Poll is Historical/Period Fanfiction! It’s no surprise we love reading about Klaroline as a royal pair complete with jewels and crowns and all the drama that comes with ruling a country or two. After...

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Recap of The Originals 2×21: Fire With Fire

Only one more episode left. I must say Monday’s episode had some classic Klaus moments and it made me proud. There are still a lot of things that The Originals need to fix going into season 3 but it can be done, if only the writers will notice what the audience...

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Top 3 Season 6 AU Videos

  So many ways season six could have gone, so many chances for Klaus and Caroline to reunite… If the writers don’t want to make it happen (YET), then I guess we’ll create it on our own.

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Blog of the Week: mrslackles

The blog is run by Lindsay, 21. She lives in South Africa, and is a third year Film and TV, Screenwriting, and English student, and her goal in life is to have the job and opportunities of Julie Plec but do way awesomer things with it. And to make a...

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Pic of the Day: 04 May 2015

He asked her for a chance, just one, because he knew if he could get her to see him for who he was when he was with her, for who he was underneath all the hatred and anger and destruction thrusted upon him and integrated in him over the last...

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Pic of the Day: 01 May 2015

  This is so special because in this scene, this instance, this moment, they are not forces working against each other. He has not killed innumerable masses of people, she does not cover their connection with hostility, they do not wear the masks they keep on for other people. They...

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Bloggers Interview with thisisrealitsreal

In today’s interview we got a chance to chat with Nicole aka thisisrealitsreal about her addiction to photoshop, why Klaroline has her reeled in, her favorite fanfics, whether her liver hasn’t given in from all the drunken blogging and she finally gives me an answer to who she would choose...

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Top 10 Tweets from The Originals 2×20

The episode 2×20 exceeded my expectations, considering who wrote it, perhaps because Klaus cried for a good reason, which is rare; but especially when all were against Klaus, appears the most “powerful” of the series (aka Dahlia) and joins the winning team, #TeamKlaus.

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Top 5 New Klaroline Videos of April

  This month’s top videos all differ quite a bit from each other, as they’re a range of interesting AU scenarios: Caroline as an Original, dark Klaroline, a Harry Potter-verse Klaroline AU, and more. All of these show just how creative this fandom can be – something that we all...

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A Klaroline Snapchat Story

Of late, a lot of us have become slightly obsessed with Snapchat, an app that lets you send split second images to your contacts or in fact tell your own little story using pics. But what if our favorite blond vamp couple got to share their experiences in the same...

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Blog of the Week: willowolven

The blog is run by Cara, whom most people call Echo, and is 17 years old. She is part of the Klaroline magazine and does an amazing job. She used her url for everything and always has, so she made it her URL when she made a tumblr account. It...

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Pic of the Day: 27 April 2015

It’s no secret how much Klaus cares for Caroline–she went as far as to define it as love. The man who never did anything but homicide with a lick of passion fell in love with the only woman in the world with the gall to resist him, to fight against...

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Pic of the Day: 26 April 2015

Something memorable, something worthwhile, always happens to them in pairs. “Your father hated you so you think no one else can,” happened 3×14; “I’ve shown kindness, forgiveness, pity… because of you, Caroline. It was all for you,” on 4×14. And the fact that However Long It Takes has no episode...

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Twitter Interview with @2fleetingdreams

  The blogs team had the absolute honor of chatting with Bo, who is known as @2fleetingdreams on twitter. Not only is Bo an avid Klaroline shipper she also writes fanfiction for them which, by the way, you should all totally check out – not before you check out her...

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Pic of the Day: 24 April 2015

  I think one of the main things that draws us to klaroline is the fact that the characters are so completely independent of each other and while they are stark opposites–one light and happy and selfless, the other dark and angry and selfish–they’ve both struggled with the same things,...

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Pic of the Day: 23 April 2015

  He would do it. Give everything up for her: his pride, his reputation, possibly even his life. She knows that, she’s seen it, he’s offered her himself, the world and every amenity in between. All she has to do is give him the choice, and he’d choose her every...

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Top 5 Fluffy Klaroline Videos of April

  I will admit that I am very much partial to fluff, especially when it comes to the kind that has Klaroline in it. I find that, especially now that we’re going through such a long Klaroline-withdraw period, I just drown myself in everything fluff; and, believe me, fluff-land is...

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Pic of the Day: 18 April 2015

  “The fact that Klaus, the 1000 year old original hybrid, is planning a future with this baby vamp, sends my heart soaring. Klaus reminds Caroline that she’s going to live forever. He tells her that there’s so much of the world she hasn’t discovered yet. He offers to show...

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Pic of the Day: 16 April 2015

  He looked up at her and before he knew it, he was saying it: “Take a chance, Caroline.” On me, on us, on yourself. Do something that’s not for the benefit of people who do not appreciate you. Do what makes you happy. Let me make you happy.

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Review: Keeping Up Appearances by Sophia Chase

  Summary – When Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes cross paths at an airport during a snow storm on Christmas Eve their initial dislike for each other turns into a mutually beneficial arrangement. But is the façade they’ve created hiding more than either of them are willing to admit? Rating –...

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Bloggers Interview with agoldencrown

In today’s interview we got a chance to chat the extremely charming and optimistic, Tamara aka agoldencrown, who has such a positive and fresh outlook to the Klaroline romance, how it brings out the best in each other, what had her hooked, why she adores this fandom and how there...

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Pic of the Day: 15 April 2015

  It’s crazy to consider that in just over a month in TVD time, they went from strangers to, “It’s okay; it’s me. It’s okay, you’re safe.” From, “Are you going to kill me?” to, Thank you for saving my life.

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Top 10 Video Songs of March 2015

  Everyone that knows me knows that, for a while now, almost every song that I listen to reminds of Klaroline in some way – or maybe I just have a way of making it relate to them somehow. Even if it’s just a chorus or a line, almost every...

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Bloggers Interview with olicitysbond

  In today’s interview we had a chance to chat to graphic and videos maker, Angie aka olicitysbond about why she continues to ship Klaroline after all this time, why 3×21 gets her all mushy inside and why she isn’t happy with the way Klaroline has been left since 5×11....

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Top 10 High School AU Fanfictions

  High School AU is a popular trope, sending OTPs back to school since the dawn of fanfiction itself, and Klaroline is no exception. There’s just something about having your OTP go back to the world of awkward interactions and simple, yet somehow still very angsty relationships that draws us...

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Review: The Guilty Ones by Grim Grace

Summary: An AU klaroline multific, wherein Caroline meets Klaus and falls for him, not knowing that he is, in fact Klaus. Rated M for sexytimes 😀 Status: Complete Rating: M Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7827237/1/the-guilty-ones

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Top 10 Tweets from The Originals 2×17

How to make the top 10 tweets from The Originals, when major tweets of the night are about “Nina leaves TVD”? I think it was slightly strategic move for the show, Julie people need to focus on the series, not the opposite. Even Michael Narducci agrees with me, and he...

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Blog of the Week: vampirebarbiecare

  The owner of this wonderful blog is Lulu. She is 25 and a Finance Executive by day & a Fangirl by night. She has lived in three different countries and is now back home for the foreseeable future. The one thing that has remained consistent throughout all that were...

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Pic of the Day: 06 April 2015

  The moment he saw her he knew he wouldn’t be allowing her to die; something about her intrigued him, pulled him towards her.  But then he realized there wasn’t something supernatural or otherwise about her at all, the thing he loved about her was just her.

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Pic of the Day: 05 April 2015

  Because sometimes she looks at him and she doesn’t see a thousand year old mass murdering borderline sociopath who has the capacity to kill everyone she loves without a second thought. She sees a person, a man, who makes her smile, who puts her first, who makes her happy....

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Video of the Week: Yours by GossipVal1

  This week we have a video for you that highlights the unmatched chemistry that Klaus and Caroline share, from sweet, charming moments to their incredible sexual tension. These are two characters whose chemistry was a surprise to everyone, but one that can’t be denied and, as their storyline progressed,...

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Top 5 Season Five Klaroline Videos

The Klaroline fandom is nothing if not resilient. Even with over a year spent with no new scenes between the two characters who bring our favorite couple to life, we’re still here shipping and there’s literally nothing that could ever bring us down. It definitely helps that, even when canon...

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Pic of the Day: 31 March 2015

  Come on. (Please, just take my hand and walk towards me and let me show you what you’re missing out on.) One dance. (Or two or three or four; I won’t let go if you don’t.) I won’t bite. (Unless you want me to, in which case we should...

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Blog of the Week: klaroline-secrets

  Klaroline-secrets. This blog is run by Kamila who comes from Brazil and is 26 years old. She has a twin sister and a daughter. Her url klaroline secrets was chosen simply because the fact that she loves the ship and thinks they should be together.

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Pic of the Day: 30 March 2015

Perhaps that’s why we’re so infatuated with klaroline to begin with, because when you strip away all of his pain and suffering both inflicted on him and by him, and when you take away all her stubbornness and guilt, they’re just two people who are really scared to open themselves...

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Twitter Interview with @klarocuddles

Yana, also known as @klarocuddles on Twitter, is an avid, passionate and dedicated Klaroline shipper, who spams us all with Klaroline goodness on our twitter feeds. I would say Yana has an unhealthy obsession with Klaroline, but then don’t we all? Check out what she has to say below!

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Top 10 One-Night Stand Fanfics

Hey fellow Klaroliners! It’s been awhile since we saw our two favorite characters on screen together, and as tough as that may be, that’s exactly what fanfiction is for! And we all love a love story that starts from a one-night stand and turns into more. So here’s a little...

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Pic of the Day: 25 March 2015

Caroline without her humanity opens up way too many fantastic potential plots for our favorite baby vampire, but Caroline with no humanity plus Klaus? Oh, the possibilities are endless, and this gifset just flirts with the idea so deliciously, no?

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Vote for your May 2015 Blog of the Month

  It’s time to vote again, my darling Klaroliners. Making these choices every month must be quite hard, isn’t it. Because we Klaroliners rock and our blogs all kick ass. But nothing to be done, so check out the following blogs and let us know which one you like most.

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Pic of the Day: 24 March 2015

  Evy’s done a beautiful job with the scene that started it all–the words that started it all. She could have said any words to him and had them be their first words. And for some reason, I can’t quite think of anything better than, “Are you going to kill...

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Pic of the Day: 23 March 2015

  I can’t help but imagine Caroline taking Klaus up on his offer to show her the world–whether it be in a day, a year or a century. I just can’t help but imagine Caroline dragging him to every festival and parade, looking like the gorgeous summer flower child she...

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Pic of the Day: 20 March 2015

  However, with each rendezvous, their points of view would begin to shift. She would eventually say to him, “Your aura is bright blue with a purple haze, man.” And he would eventually say, “If only peace treaties could be handled in the bedroom.”

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Pic of the Day: 19 March 2015

He kissed her like he needed her, like if he didn’t keep himself close to her she would disappear and the moment would fade away.  He kissed her like he needed her because that’s just it; she is the light to his darkness, the blood in his veins, the air...

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Bloggers Interview with athossqueen

  For today’s interview we had a chat with the always charming, fanfic writer, blogger, mod of the Klaroline Awards and Co-Editor of the Klaroline Magazine, Tanya aka athossqueen, about her journey with Klaroline since it’s crackship days, why she takes so long to update her fanfics, why she has...

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Pic of the Day: 18 March 2015

  Caroline’s never been first choice, but she’ll always be Klaus’ only choice. From going into his creepy trophy case of family collectables, to being her last love, Caroline is the only person Klaus is willing to choose over everything else.

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Recap of The Originals 2×16: Save My Soul

  Klaus and Elijah questioned their newly-returned sister, Freya, to find out more about Dahlia. Marcel and Rebekah investigated Eva, the witch Rebekah is inhabiting. Meanwhile, Vincent found out Finn Mikaelson possessed him for nine months during this episode of The Originals.

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Bloggers Interview with oberynmatell

  Today we had a chance to interview the talented and amazing Krissy aka oberynmatell’s who is known in the fandom for her beautiful edits, videos, and all-around badassery. Here I chat to her about why she found Klaroline so fascinating, why after all these years she can’t give up...

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Pic of the Day: 17 March 2015

  “Bloodsharing in vampire folklore — and certainly in the book mythology — is kind of sexual,” she [Plec] explains. “It’s very intimate. It’s an exchange of bodily fluids, as they say, that you really shouldn’t be doing with anybody who’s not your one true vampire love.” Need we say...

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Top 5 Season Four Klaroline Videos

  Season four definitely holds both sweet and bitter memories for all of us, but every kind of Klaroline memory is worth cherishing, no matter what. So here’s a chance to go back in time and enjoy some wonderful masterpieces from that season’s special, Klaroline-filled episodes. Our past is what...

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Blog of the Week: Dreamingofklaroline

This blog is run by Clara who is a 15 year old from France. She’s been obsessed with Tumblr for nearly 2 years now. Her two favorite ships are klaroline and densi (from NCIS La) and she’s a huge fan of Disney too. Her URL just perfectly defines how every...

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Pic of the Day: 16 March 2015

Since Caroline’s turned off her humanity, there’s only been one thought going through every klaroliners mind: if only Klaus were here to see /this/. And, as a matter of fact, this gifset plays with the idea just flawlessly. What do you think? Would Klaus embrace her without her humanity or...

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Pic of the Day: 15 March 2015

Because when she walked into The Grill looking like that he didn’t care that she was only there to distract him. He’s a thousand years old, did the Salvatores really believe they could fool him? But, if that was the only way she’d talk to him for now, well, he...

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Top 10 Tweets from The Originals 2×15

THEY’RE BA-ACK… Hi everyone, after two weeks of long wait for some or relief for others, The Originals are back and what happened in the life of the Mikaelson in this episode? Well, Klaus is physically frustrated, he just wants a good fight (if you know what I mean); Elijah...

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Pic of the Day: 10 March 2015

“We are the same, Caroline.” Two sides of the same coin, two halves of a whole, two never good enoughs, two people who would sacrifice anything for the ones they love, two people who shove down the parts of them that are vulnerable and hurt and pathetic and human because...

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Blog of the Week: klaro-love

  Klaro-love. This blog is run by Audrey, who is a 22 year old from France. She’s quite a shy person even though she loves talking to people. She’s an aquarius with an unusual sense of humor and an ability to change her mind very quickly. She’s also an avid...

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Pic of the Day: 07 March 2015

  For a thousand years Klaus didn’t love anyone but his family (and well who can take those into account…) and when he saw Caroline for the first time, he relized there was something about her he found interesting and decided that she was the one for him. For a...

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Pic of the Day: 03 March 2015

  It wouldn’t be fantastic to read a Klaroline AU set during the cold war? And what if they were spies? We would love it and we sure you would too, but there isn’t such a thing (that we know of) so until then enjoy the beautiful graphic we bring...

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Blog of the Week: goonergal81

  Goonergal81. This blog is run by Victoria from the UK, who is in her early 30s. Her url is named after her favourite football club Arsenal who are nicknamed the Gooners. She dedicates most of her time to her beautiful two year old daughter, in her spare time she...

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Review: Pictures of You by Klaus’ Vampire Barbie

  Summary: Caroline’s a bubbly young blonde majoring in Photography. Klaus is the silent, mysterious guy who’s majoring in Visual Art. When a shocking event occurs that leaves Caroline feeling isolated at Whitmore College, will she turn to him – Klaus, the only person who will listen? Or will she...

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Graphic Makers Spotlight: thedenimofrose

  It’s almost March already but you can’t finish the month before knowing who this month’s graphic maker spotlight is! We are sure you already know Rebekah though, a beautiful 19 year old woman who works with us. Let’s see what she has to say.

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Author Spotlight: AddriannaDestiny

  Today’s Author Spotlight is focused on none other than AddriannaDestiny. AddriannaDestiny was one of the first few Klaroline writers I discovered on fanfiction.net and I’ve always loved her stories, so it was a no-brainer for me to pick her for this article.

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Pic of the Day: 27 February 2015

  He looks at her and sees everything she could never see in herself; he sees her light and her strength and he sees her. When her eyes meet his it’s like she’s looking through a glass door, she can see his pain and his passion and his humanity. She...

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Pic of the Day: 24 February 2015

  One day she’ll fall for him, like a prophecy, like destiny. Like one day someone decided he was missing something after a thousand years of roaming the earth, and they stumbled upon her and said, “perfect.” A beautifully crafted request done by the magnificent Lily. What a gem!

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Pic of the Day: 23 February 2015

  Caroline and Klaus, Klaus and Caroline, two parts of a whole, two undead hearts meant to be. The two people that make up our wonderful ship, that brought together our fantastic community, that will persevere in the end. They will make it: in a year or maybe in a...

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Top 5 New Klaroline Videos of February

  It’s no secret by now that the Klaroline fandom is large and full of talented people, and this means that there are a lot of fan-videos dedicated to this couple. This week we’re presenting you with the top five new videos of February, and I was pleasantly surprised to...

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Review: Sweet Caroline by imdrowninginfootwear

  Summary: Klaus is upset and drunk and somehow ends up standing underneath the window where Caroline is sitting. And what happens when a trio of hunters shows up in town looking for revenge? Set right after 4×19. Klaroline. Status: Complete Rating: T Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9337445/1/Sweet-Caroline

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Photo Recap of the Klaroline Scene in 3×14

  There have been countless drabbles and stories written about what happened when Klaus first saw Caroline at the Mikaelson ball, and many of us consider that scene as the one that got us hooked, here we provide you with some insights to what just might have been going on:

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Top 10 Tweets from The Originals 2×14

Hi! I’m Monica or @Joey_Prue, I started shipping Klaroline a year ago and joined the Klaroline fandom about 4 months ago (there is no better time to join a battle that in difficult times), and from this week, I accompany you with the best of twitter from The Originals, so...

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Pic of the Day: 18 February 2015

  Don’t you love Klaus’ smile in today’s edit? He looks so happy, his eyes full of hope… But don’t you enjoy even more our OTP’s fights? Because we do, all the passion and sexual tension are undeniable during those scenes, it’s wonderful.

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Recap of The Vampire Diaries 6×14: ‘Stay’

The episode begins with a flashback that Liz has about Elena’s accident after which she turned into a vampire. Elena and Damon compel Jeremy a high school diploma. Jeremy and Matt drink his last day out, and Enzo sends Sarah to Matt so he can continue with his plan of...

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Pic of the Day: 15 February 2015

  “There is no allure to darkness.” “Really? So you’ve never felt the attraction that comes when someone who’s capable of doing terrible things for some reason cares only about you?” “I did once, when I thought he was worth it.”

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Fourteen Fics Full of Feels

  Happy Valentine’s Day Klaroliners! Instead of chocolates or flowers, we here at the Klaroline Magazine would like to give you all an even better gift: 14 full-of-feels Klaroline fanfics! Whether you have a special someone this year or not, everyone can enjoy this gift!

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Pic of the Day: 14 February 2015

  “I know that you’re in love with me.” If there was anything in the world Caroline could be sure of as she was quite literally lying on her death couch bed, it was that. She knows that he’s in love with her, and knowing him, his love stands always...

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Top 5 Video Songs of February

  I feel like you know you really love a ship the moment you cannot help but think about them no matter what song comes on the radio or on your phone or computer. Your heart and mind are both so set on them that you can see them everywhere,...

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Survival Guide for Klaroline Newbies

  Joining a new fandom can be an overwhelming experience – there are so many fanfics to read, so many ‘much watch videos’, bloggers and Twitter users who you need to get on first name basis with and then there’s all the graphics and gifs you need to reblog, it...

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Top 5 The Originals-Related Videos Featuring Caroline

  If you’re not constantly creating scenarios of Caroline in New Orleans in you’re head, then you are clearly lying to yourself. To help you out, here’s a playlist of five The Originals-related videos that feature Caroline as the main female character (because DUH) and that give a different, much...

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Pic of the Day: 12 February 2015

  One of the most glorious things that we could ever live to see would be Caroline embracing and feeling confident in her vampirism. It only stands second to her doing just as much with Klaus by her side, as this graphic so phenomenally depicts.

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Review: Pretty Girls Don’t Get Hurt by allmylovesallmysecrets

  Summary: Inspired by the song “Chandelier” by Sia. Caroline’s a party girl, Rebekah’s her wing girl and Klaus is the overprotective brother who can never leave them alone. When the night gets too out of hand for Caroline, whose going to save her then? Status: Complete                                                                                                        Rating: T...

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Blog of the Week: CBK1000

  Cbk1000. This blog is run by Jenn. She is a 28 year old American who loves long walks on the beach, puppies, and reading textbooks on behavioral sciences for fun. ‘CBK’ is short for ‘Caine Black Knife’, the third book in one of her favorite science fiction/fantasy series. The...

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Pic of the Day: 10 February 2015

  Though we, as klaroliners, feel that Klaus and Caroline’s relationship is full of almosts– they almost gave in, almost gave it a shot, almost had it forever–that just isn’t true. Klaroline isn’t filled with almosts they’re full of one days. One day she’ll give in, one day they’ll give...

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Video Makers Interview with sweetily97

  Hello, lovely fandom! Here today we bring you our interview with the talented Ilaria. You may know her for her incredible fanfictions but her talent does not end there. Ilaria also makes incredible Klaroline videos that will have you fangirling a lot. So check out our fun interview with...

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Twitter Interview with goonergal81

  The blogs team got the chance to interview one of our own, Victoria, who is more commonly known as @goonergal81 on Twitter. Victoria is an avid and passionate Klaroline shipper, and when she’s not trying to steal other shippers girlfriends on twitter, she can be somewhat tolerable. I’m only...

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Pic of the Day: 08 February 2015

  One of the themes of Klaroline is loneliness, but there is something about this kind of love which leaves you affected forever, even when you are alone it still casts a shadow over you. Something which always gilds me about Klaroline is that Klaus is a character who was...

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Pic of the Day: 07 February 2015

  Every moment Klaus spends with Caroline is important to him; he appreciates every look, every little smile, every touch… Who knows when will he be able to get another one of those? The way he takes his time for every kiss, the one shared in the graduation episode and...

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Bloggers Interview with horcruxa

  For today’s interview, we got a chance to chat with Helen aka horcruxa, who is a talented gifmaker in the fandom, as well as being an extremely interesting person to talk to. Here she discusses the dynamic that caused her to ship Klaroline, their similarities to Bellarke and her...

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Blog of the Week: sexybexy19

  Sexybexy19. This blog is run by Lily, who is a 20-year-old psychology student from Poland. Lily loves writing fanfiction. Unfortunately, she doesn’t feel strong enough to write in English, because it is not her first language.  Her URL is inspired by Rebekah Mikaelson, her favorite female character. “Bex/Bexy” is...

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Pic of the Day: 04 February 2015

  Don’t you love season 3 of tvd? It was the beginning of something big, something special, something wonderful and dark and mysterious and beautiful at the same time. Those little moments shared between Klaus and Caroline in that season are underrated but truly amazing.

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Top 5 New Klaroline Videos of January.

  New beginnings don’t necessarily mean something else has to end. We know that very well in this fandom, and it’s one of the reasons why we keep on hoping to see our favorite couple together on the screen again one day.

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Pic of the Day: 31 January 2015

  Klaus is the king of darkness, of evil. And while Caroline is meant to be his queen, she doesn’t need him to give her that title, she’s already got it: you aren’t made a queen by marriage, you’re born a queen by blood.

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Top 25 Fics That Killed A Piece Of Our Soul

Okay, so we’ve all found a few fanfics here and there where the author has managed to make us die a little inside, so today, that’s what this Top 25 article is going to be all about. It’s going to be about the angst, feels and hysterical tears that these...

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Pic of the Day: 27 January 2015

Even though Trevino was acting it out over our favorite Brit, we can’t forget that these episodes at the dawn of season 4 contain plenty of wonderful klaroline scenes. One of the best scenes (besides the hot hybrid sex that almost was) is the one Bex has giffed here. Klaus...

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Top 5 Season 3 Klaroline Videos

  Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries was the time when fans went into a frenzy over Klaus and Caroline. From their first real conversation it was obvious that they had undeniable, amazing chemistry; we saw it, the writers saw it, and it was because of that chemistry and potential...

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Pic of the Day: 23 January 2015

  Once upon a time there was a vampire called Caroline and a hybrid named Klaus who fell in love, but that love couldn’t be seen by the human eye. The last time someone could, was exactly a year ago, and each one of those who where able to see...